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Written by: Gus Gomez on Dec 9 2011, 3:37pm

Event planner

I have names and address's in event planner, but when I go to other projects > envelopes, I don,t have my address book in the left hand window. It just tells me to put address,s in event planner. I had to format my computer, prior to this I didn't have this problem. Problem occurred after re installing card studio. Any help would be appreciated.


Thanks Gus.


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Arthur K. says:

Hello Gus,

Which version of Hallmark Card Studio do you have installed?

Please make sure to run the "Check For Updates" to ensure that you have the latest build installed for your version.



Dec 12 2011, 1:32pm | Report

Gus Gomez says:

Hi Arthur.

           Thanks for your reply. fortunately I discovered where I went wrong. I re installed Card Studio 2011 after reformatting my computer. When I re entered my address book I entered it in to an old version of event planner which I didn't realise was still on the hard drive not the one I just installed, hence the reason my address book didn't show in card studio. I imported it from the old version into the newly installed one and hey presto all working fine. 


Thanks again Gus.

               Glasgow. Scotland (UK)



Dec 12 2011, 3:04pm | Report

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